0.4 release

* Custom stages (public version has 3 built-in stages to choose from while private version allows loading stage files from your content folder)

* Virtual screens. This was available in early versions but later removed for performance reasons. Now it can be turned on in stage settings.  

* Lighting control moved to stage settings, so each stage can have its own lighting setup. 

* Saved scene data now include stage & its settings.

* Various other fixes & improvements.


DVVR HD_win_0.4_private.zip 32 MB
93 days ago
DVVR HD_win_0.3.2_public.zip 46 MB
93 days ago
DVVR LW_win_0.4.1_private.zip 27 MB
90 days ago
DVVR LW_win_0.4.1_public.zip 27 MB
90 days ago

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