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Dance Viewer VR

Best 3D dance viewer on desktop & VR · By Alloystorm


Recent updates

Release 0.5.2
* New customizable input system * Combined & simplified material effects * Auto value update settings to change config values based on the selected curve functi...
3 files
Release 0.5.1
* Fixed WMR control issue * Further physics improvements * New physics joint settings * Extracted lighting controls with presets * Light ball mode enhancements...
2 files
0.4 release
* Custom stages (public version has 3 built-in stages to choose from while private version allows loading stage files from your content folder) * Virtual screen...
4 files
0.3 Release
Released 0.3 update, the major change is the addition of "save & load scene" feature, which allows you to save your motion & model selection as well as environm...
2 files

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